Re-Labeling Birds of Paradise Specimens

Words and Objects: Writing on, around and about things In a recent conference at the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford entitled “Word and Objects” the objective was to explore the role of words in the documentation, interpretation and presentation of objects-both historically and in the present, and in what such analysis tells us about both explicit and implicit … Continue reading

What to Expect in the Alberta Exhibition…

This slide-show has been produced to provide you with a taster of what to expect in the Alberta exhibition. It was originally produced by Merle to be played at a session entitled “Geographer-artist: creative practice as research tool?” being chaired at the American Association of Geographer’s Annual Meeting in Seattle (April 14th).

Birds of Paradise Close Up

Specimen Artefact as Object-Based Archive Caitlin DeSilvey has observed that the ‘the disarticulation of a cultural artefact [can] lead to the articulation of other histories and geographies’ in the present (2006: 329) and, similarly, Tim Edensor argues that the physical destruction of objects ‘reveals the artifice through which they are structured to withstand ambiguity’ (Edensor … Continue reading