Year of the Bird at Maitland Regional Gallery, New South Wales

This weekend is the last chance to see the exhibition Year of the Bird at Maitland Regional Gallery, New South Wales which Kate Foster and I submitted joint work emerging from Fashioning Feathers to. Curated by Helen Hopcroft and Caelli Jo Brooker, the exhibition  Year of the Bird features art work by Vanessa Barbray, Caelli Jo … Continue reading

Images Documenting RAM Exhibition

The RAM show is well underway and is on display till January 6th 2013. There are also a number of programmed events that are being offered by the RAM to coincide with the exhibition, for details click here.  For those of you unable to visit Edmonton to see the show at the RAM Andriko Lozowy … Continue reading

Installation at the RAM

Click on the link to view a set of photographs documenting the installation of Fashioning Feathers at the Royal Alberta Museum taken by Andriko Lozowy:

Fashioning Feathers @ the Royal Alberta Museum

I am delighted to announce Fashioning Feathers will be opening at the Royal Alberta Museum (RAM) on March 24 2012! This show will be different than the original FAB show as we are incorporating RAM collections into the show. We are making the most the the RAM’s fantastic Natural History specimens – using them to … Continue reading

Practicing Post-Natural History Display

I will be travelling to London this month to present at The Royal Geographical Society’s Annual conference in a session entitled “Exhibitionary Geographies and the Post-Museum”. In the presentation I will be discussing the conception, curation and installation of Fashioning Feathers…

Reflecting on Dead Birds: a Photographic Study by Andriko Lozowy

Stuffed Bird Attached

Stuffed Bird Attached is a collaborative bookwork complied by Kate Foster and Merle Patchett for the show Fashioning Feathers…  Environmental artist, Kate Foster and cultural geographer, Merle Patchett have been collaborating on a “series of interventions in the afterlives of zoological specimens” for the past five years (see Patchett, Foster and Lorimer 2011, Patchett and Foster … Continue reading

Gallery Installation

For some more photographs taken by Andriko Lozowy of the installation process click here. This time the photographs are of the installation of Fashioning Feathers… at the FAB Gallery. Enjoy!

Fashioning Feathers Prep

This week we have been installing Fashioning Feathers… at the FAB gallery. Part of this included casing and transporting taxidermy bird mounts from the Renewable Resources Zoology Collection at the University of Alberta to the FAB Gallery. This process was documented by Fashioning Feathers… official photographer: Andriko Lozowy. To see the complete set of Andriko’s … Continue reading

Spectral Geographies of Plumage Sweatshops

‘What is a place? Perhaps haunting is a pre-requisite to place. That is, a place takes place through a spectral event of displacing. There is place if there is a dislocation, or sudden uncertainty regarding location in space and time, uncertainty regarding even the reliability of these measurants; in other words if there is a … Continue reading