Press Coverage of FF @ FAB

Parlour Magazine: “Fashioning Feathers“ “Fashioning Feathers is an exhibit that explores the geography, history, and cultural relevance of the plumage trade and its impact on the fashion industry. Consequently; the complexities of human/animal relationships arise and spark a questioning of social consciousness and couture.” The Edmonton Journal: “All for the Love of Feathers“ “U of … Continue reading


Opening Night Photographs

Photographs from the opening night of Fashioning Feathers… at the Fab Gallery, University of Alberta on the 19th of May 2011  The photographs were taken by Vlad Gomez.  

Stuffed Bird Attached

Stuffed Bird Attached is a collaborative bookwork complied by Kate Foster and Merle Patchett for the show Fashioning Feathers…  Environmental artist, Kate Foster and cultural geographer, Merle Patchett have been collaborating on a “series of interventions in the afterlives of zoological specimens” for the past five years (see Patchett, Foster and Lorimer 2011, Patchett and Foster … Continue reading

Gallery Installation

For some more photographs taken by Andriko Lozowy of the installation process click here. This time the photographs are of the installation of Fashioning Feathers… at the FAB Gallery. Enjoy!

Fashioning Feathers Prep

This week we have been installing Fashioning Feathers… at the FAB gallery. Part of this included casing and transporting taxidermy bird mounts from the Renewable Resources Zoology Collection at the University of Alberta to the FAB Gallery. This process was documented by Fashioning Feathers… official photographer: Andriko Lozowy. To see the complete set of Andriko’s … Continue reading

Spectral Geographies of Plumage Sweatshops

‘What is a place? Perhaps haunting is a pre-requisite to place. That is, a place takes place through a spectral event of displacing. There is place if there is a dislocation, or sudden uncertainty regarding location in space and time, uncertainty regarding even the reliability of these measurants; in other words if there is a … Continue reading

Cornell Lab of Ornithology Birds of Paradise

The following footage of Greater Birds of Paradise, courtesy of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, will be shown in the upcoming exhibition. The video will be displayed next to the cabinets displaying the bird of paradise millinery skins (see above) and hats. This juxtaposition of life and death will hopefully get visitors to think about … Continue reading

Becoming Avian, Curtesy of Andrea Roe and Peter Summers

Fashioning Feathers will host the North American premier of Andrea Roe’s video-work Kingfisher.  Video footage taken by Roe in Kingfisher reveals the delicate and creative process of ethical taxidermy and in particular showcases the expertise of Peter Summers, a museum taxidermist expertly preparing a mounted kingfisher. Through a Leverhulme Trust artist residency at the Natural Sciences department of the National Museum … Continue reading

Re-Labeling Birds of Paradise Specimens

Words and Objects: Writing on, around and about things In a recent conference at the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford entitled “Word and Objects” the objective was to explore the role of words in the documentation, interpretation and presentation of objects-both historically and in the present, and in what such analysis tells us about both explicit and implicit … Continue reading

What to Expect in the Alberta Exhibition…

This slide-show has been produced to provide you with a taster of what to expect in the Alberta exhibition. It was originally produced by Merle to be played at a session entitled “Geographer-artist: creative practice as research tool?” being chaired at the American Association of Geographer’s Annual Meeting in Seattle (April 14th).