Press Coverage of FF @ FAB

Parlour Magazine: “Fashioning Feathers

“Fashioning Feathers is an exhibit that explores the geography, history, and cultural relevance of the plumage trade and its impact on the fashion industry. Consequently; the complexities of human/animal relationships arise and spark a questioning of social consciousness and couture.”

The Edmonton Journal: “All for the Love of Feathers

“U of A exhibit tells story of birds sacrificed on fashion’s altar.”

St. Albert Gazette: “The Dark Side of Feather Fashion

“Today’s feather-fashioners claim their plumes are ethically harvested, but so did milliners toward the end of the boom. Is this biography of a lie being repeated?”

Folio Magazine: Exhibit Feather in FAB Gallery’s Cap

“The exhibit explores the complex geographies of collection, production and consumption behind the making of feather fashions”

Parlour Magazine compiled a interview/slide show of the opening night:


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