Study of “Hat with Bird”

‘… as practices lose their place in a historical form of life, they may leave abandoned wreckage behind them which can then take on new life, generating new hybrids or simply leavings which still have resonance. Take the example of things. These may have been vital parts of particular networks of practice, only to fall out of use as these networks metamorphose. Consequently their meanings may become hollowed out but may still retain a presence as enigmatic signifiers (Santer 2006). Or they may find other uses in other networks. Or they may linger on as denaturalized reminders of past events and practices, purposely memorialized in various ways or simply present as ruins, as melancholy rem(a)inders. In other words, they have a potent afterlife.’

(Thrift 2007: 8-9).

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2 Responses to “Study of “Hat with Bird””
  1. Eliza Burke says:

    Hi Merle,
    The quote from Thrift here is so wonderful – but I can’t find the reference for it in your list of links and references. Can you tell me where it is please? Thankyou for a wonderful blog!

    many thanks

    • Merle says:

      Hi Eliza,

      it is a great quote. Here is the full reference for you:

      Thrift, N. (2007) Non-Representational Theory: Space, Poltics, Affect. Routledge, London.

      Hope you find the rest of the book helpful! Merle

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